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Committed to Houston


Those of us that have lived here all our lives, know that to call yourself a Texan brings a sense of pride. But to call yourself a Houstonian, well that means something entirely different. It brings with it a certain swagger, a sense of belonging to something great. The people of Houston love their city, they love their sports teams, and they love each other. For being such a large metropolis, there has always been an unmatched sense of community amongst the people here.

And that love and care was on full display this past year when tragedy struck Houston. Hurricane Harvey destroyed homes, ravaged businesses, and brought our city to a screeching halt. But the one thing that Harvey did not damage was the heart and soul of the people of Houston. To see men, women, and children all across the Houston area come together to rebuild our city was truly a beautiful sight. And while the clean up efforts are far from over, it was humbling to see how quickly the people of Houston sprang to action.

Lewis Jewelers was honored to play a small role in Hurricane Harvey clean up efforts as a result of generous donations to our Lewis Foundation. The Foundation was originally established to raise money for the Texas Children’s Hospital, a medical center near and dear to the Lewis family (You can read about that story here.). The Lewis Foundation has also been a way for the Lewis family to support the Friendswood Education Foundation.

But when Harvey struck South Texas, it was obvious to Cindy and Slade Lewis that the foundation was in a prime position to aid in clean up efforts. And thanks to community members, vendors, and donations from all over the United States, Lewis Jewelers was able to funnel money through the foundation to directly aid in the clean up efforts. We love this city and its people, and we are honored to give back when and where we can. But we know that our generosity is only possible because of you, our customers and friends.

So, Thank You. From all of us to all of you, Lewis Jewelers pledges to stay Committed to Houston.

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